The dust is now settling after this year's successful Rockmaster here in Sørlandet. The competition itself went extremely well, despite a number of unexpected falls and a few delays from the judges, we were finally able to crown this year's winners; the results being as follows.


1. Daniel Jung (Ger)
2. Steve McClure (UK)
3. Magnus Högstrøm (Swe)



1. Juliane Worm (Ger)
2. Malin Holmberg (Swe)
3. Andrea Curtas (Spa)


Malin had climbed extremely well throughout the day, but Juliane's effort in the ladies final being arguably the climb of the competition, Juliane managed to fire up the crowd with this massively impressive demonstration of strength, tenacity and flexibility, gunning well past the other climbers high points to eventually fall from what looked like a long move on thin crimps.

The men's final was a lot closer, with a count back to the qualifiers being necessary to decide 1st and 2nd place. Steve McClure stood for the day's only top-out on the first qualifier.

Despite a lower turnout for the party than for the comp, the evening also was a success, "Font" from Stavanger played a really great set, I don't want to try and pigeon-hole their music, but it was good, and it was different! "I Wish I Had An Atomic Bomb" rounded the evening off with an energetic performance.

All the climbers rubbed shoulders with the punters on Sunday and started a big ticking operation in the park. A number of routes received first ascents and Steve on-sighted the long steep 8a+ arête at the end of the crag. Gorka had also bagged this route a few days previously. Most of the climbers reported afterwards on their blogs and sponsors websites about the visit, both the comp and the day in the park. A number of the un-climbed lines in the park were cleaned and finished, and Steve also got in a trad first ascent, with Børre promising the line an anchor if Steve topped out. This was of course not a problem! More details/topos to follow…

Børre then acted as host for both the German and the Spanish contingent with a trip to Urdviki and some of Sørlandet's other climbing attractions. Martina Curfar made the first repeat (to the best of my knowledge!) of Modalhorn's 8a+ and Daniel and his companions had a go at some trad at Hægefjell in Nissedal.

Børre also treated the same group to a trip out on his boat, and this day ended with a DWS session on the "Flåteveggen" in Tvedestrand, with many of the group topping out the crag!

A number of the contestants have written about their Norwegian experiences in various blogs since their visits to Sørlandet, here are a few links:


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