Norwegian RockmasterNorwegian Rock Masters is a climbing competition arranged by Grimstad and Arendal Climbing Club (GAKK). The competition is held at Skarvann Aktivitetspark, Risør. This is the second time the competition shall take place. The first competition received a very positive response, both from the climbers and the visitors that came to watch. We hope that this years event will be at least as successful!
Norwegian RockmasterThe last competition was exclusively a Scandinavian championship; this years event is expanding to feature the best climbers in the world. The climbers compete for a top prize of 10 000 NOK (approx 1200 EURO). The event lasts for two days, and focusses on on climbing, fun and meeting new people. The entire event takes place in beautiful scenery near the small town of Risør in southern Norway.
You can compare Risør to the pueblos blanco in Spain with the difference being that that Risør is near the sea, as is the Skarvann Aktivitipark, a wonderful area where the competition is held. The town is famous for it's small white wooden houses.

Norwegian Rockmaster
The philosophy of the competition is not to make money, but rather to give climbers and visitors an experience that they will never will forget, along with a good social gathering with a concert and barbeque included in the activities. 
There are now around 300 climbing routes - all bolted but not all climbed. The projects are open for every body from grade 4 to 9a.


Norwegian RockmasterHistory of the Skarvann Aktivitipark

Borre Bergshaven founder of Grimstad / Arendal climbing club, the first in southern Norway, prepared more than 1500 ascents throughout the country.

One day when he was teaching rock climbing to a group of kids on one of the islands of Lake Skarvann he spotted a 40m rock face hidden among the trees. His curiosity brought him back in 2006 and what he found was a wall of about 200m long and an average of 30m height, which protruded at all angles. Realising how much work would be required to condition the face, he set off in his car but about 1km later, spotted a gravel road. Turning down the road, he found himself facing another rock face. This time 100m long, about 50m high and pretty smooth. "Now this is a competition rock face", he told himself.


Norwegian RockmasterHowever, as Borre was busy working on several other zones, he did nothing at the time. In 2008 he contacted this owner of the area to ask whether he would agree to equipping the area for climbing. The owner agreed.

Having equipped over 100 ascents throughout the park, and 40 on the competition wall, Borras decided that this would be the perfect venue for a competition - the scale of which had never been seen before in Norway

Six of the best Scandinavian climbers from Norway, Denmark and Sweden were invited to opening of the Aktividades Skarvann, and so began the Rockmaster competiton.

Climbing: There is everyting: Drops, verticals, grips... the rock type changes according to the sector being climbed. No guide is needed as wooden posts indicate each section with photos, names and grades of the climbs.

Tourism: Rock-climbing, mountain-biking, canoeing, rowing, fishing, horseback riding, hiking along precious mountain peaks with stunning views of the ocean and mountain ranges.

Norwegian Rockmaster


City: The city of Risør has a large aquarium with a variety of fish as well as an amazing Acantus ceramic factory known throughout Europe.