CZ Malin Holmberg aka "The terrier"


Tomas Mrazek

City: Gothenburg, Sweden
My favorite climbing places (I still have many to discover...):

Terradets, Rodellar, Margalef, Montsant
Buoux, Gorge du tarn, Seynes, Ceüse
Bohuslän (Lovely place for traditional climbing - beautiful surroundings and amazing lines) and Kjugekull.
Lofoten, Kvaloya, Stryn, Loven.



The first time I climbed was in my hometown Kiruna (in the north of Sweden) on a indoor wall and enjoyed it a lot. I didn't stick to climbing after my first contact with climbing because by then I was more motivated to go skiing and travelling, but since 2002 I've been climbing several times a week and now I'm totally into climbing.

The lastest year I've been travelling a lot, mostly to Spain and France for all the great climbing crags you can find there.

The climbing I like most is sport and traditional climbing, but I also enjoy bouldering and competition climbing. If I had to choose just one dicipline to practise i think it would be sport climbing, and most of the times a prefer onsight climbing.

I'm really happy to be invited to the Norwegian Rock Master, it's gonna be well fun!

See you there!