MichelleMichelleI was born in 1991 in the suburbs of the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen.

A have always climbed in trees, but I first noticed climbing as a sport around the age of 12, where I found a gym in my town and I have been climbing ever since.

I have been participating in many Danish championships and cups as junior and the last few years also as senior. I was junior champ back in 2007 and 2008 and this year I was second in the Danish championship for seniors.

In Denmark we don't have many rocks, meaning I climb a lot on indoor walls for training. But my passion is outside doing hard rockclimbing. I think a little overhanging with both long movements and small technical climbing is what I like the most.

I've only been to Kalymnos once and Sweden and France a few times, so there are so many places I like to go see and try the different kind of climbing.

My best repoint to date is Zanzibar 8a in Ardeche, France. This was my first 8a, which has been a really big step for me. Of onsights I have made a 7a but I have almost no experiences in onsight climbing, probably because I first startet traveling more and focusing on the movement and developing in my climbing the last year.

I love to travel, meeting new people, making friendships and most of all – climbing where I can get to push myself!