SteveSteve McClure is one of the best rock-climbers in the world, having climbed numerous new routes at the grade of 9a, and onsighted up to 8b+. Despite being better known for his sport climbing achievements, you might also find him wiggling in wires in Pembroke or sleeping in a portaledge on a 1000m wall in Greenland. climbing since before he could walk he has visited and climbed in many countries around the world. If variation is the spice of life then surely climbing is the best sport to choose. was born in 1970 - many years ago!
I started climbing pretty much straight away, before I could walk! It was all traditional climbing, protecting with wires. There were no bolts then, not even any cams!Steve
I started sport climbing when I was around 25 and now do a mixture of sport and traditional, though I'm probably better at sport climbing.

I live in Sheffield, there is good climbing near by, I am lucky really to have this. My work is all related to climbing, route setting, coaching, lecturing, staff training, writing. It gives some flexibility to climb outside which is my passion.

I am Responsible for first ascents of four F9a routes in England, maybe more and a 9a+. I enjoy projects close to home that I can work on and build a relationship. However when I go away on a trip its all about onsighting.

Steve I have climbed all over the world, with major visits of significance to America, Canada, Mexico, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Croatia, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand.

I've climbed on many rock types and experienced many styles including Sport, Traditional, Big Wall, Mixed, DeepWaterSolos, etc. My favourite is probably limestone though, preferably in the sun!