Tina Johnsen HafsaasI was born in Oslo, the capital of Norway in 1994. I've always climbed in trees and any other places where it's possible to climb.

When I was 6 my mom brought me to a climbing gym, and for the first time I was climbing with a rope and real shoes. Since that time I always wanted to climb.

But it wasn't until six years later; in 2006 I started to climb. My mom and me climbed once a week for a couple of months. And in 2007 I got to know some people and I started climbing more often and competing. Since then I've participated in a lot of competitions, both national and international.

TinaI've won the Norwegian Championship three times (2007 ,2008 ,2009) in the junior category, two times the adult Norwegian cup, "french open" in Serre Chevalier 2009 in female youth B and I got two 10th from the European Youth Series, and 11th from the overall EYS in 2009.

I love competitions, but I also like rock climbing. In July 2009 I onsightet my first 7c+, this was a big step for me since I had never even climbed a 7c+. In June 2010 I did my first 8a+, which also was a big step. My favourite area is Ceuse, because the rock is really good, the scenery is beautiful and the moves and the routes are so cool.