Norwegian Rock Master is a climbing competition arranged by Grimstad and Arendal Climbing Club (GAKK). The competition is held at Skarvann Aktivitetspark, Risør. This is the second time the competition shall take place. The first competition received a very positive response, both from the climbers and the visitors that came to watch. We hope that this years event will be at least as successful!

The last competition was exclusively a Scandinavian championship; this years event is expanding to feature the best climbers in Europe. The climbers compete for a top prize of 10 000 NOK (approx 1200 EURO). The event lasts for two days, and focusses on on climbing, fun and meeting new people. The entire event takes place in beautiful scenery near the small town of Risør in southern Norway.

The Competition:

Every participant will have two attempts to complete two different routes. The competition will have two classes, men and women. The 10 best will then proceed to the finals. The prizes are as follows:

  • 1. Prize      10 000 NOK (Approx 1200 EURO)
  • 2. Prize        5 000 NOK (Approx 600 EURO)
  • 3. Prize        3 000 NOK (Approx 365 EURO)

Friday 27. August

17.00 The participants are picked up at the airport by bus which goes directly to Skarvann Aktivitetspark, Risør.
21.00 Information meeting, participants are assigned to their respective lodges.
22.00 Good night!

Saturday 28. August

07.30 - 08:30 Breakfast
09:00 Participants arrive at the competition wall and warm up.
10:00 Competition starts, qualifying round.
16.00 - 17.00 Final
18:00 Prize ceremony
20:00 Barbeque party w. music

Sunday 30. August

08.00 Breakfast
09:00 Bus transport back to airport.