Norwegian RockmasterNorwegian Rock Masters is a climbing competition arranged by Grimstad and Arendal Climbing Club (GAKK). The competition is held at Skarvann Aktivitetspark, Risør. This is the third time the competition shall take place. The first and second competitions received a very positive response, both from the climbers and the visitors that came to watch. We hope that this years event will be at least as successful!
Norwegian RockmasterThe last competition was an international championship; this years event is expanding to feature the best climbers in the world. The climbers compete for a top prize. The event lasts for two days, and focusses on on climbing, fun and meeting new people. The entire event takes place in beautiful scenery near the city of Arendal in southern Norway.


The city of Arendal is near the sea and the DWS will take place in the harbour.

Map of Event in Arendal
The philosophy of the competition is not to make money, but rather to give climbers and visitors an experience that they will never will forget, along with a good social gathering with a dinner included in the activities. 


History of ARENDAL


Sailing Vessel

Arendal was originally called the Scandinavian Venice because the tow is built on 7 islands, with a network of canals surrounding it. The most glorious period in town history during the sailing ship era , having , in 1870 , the largest fleet of sailing vessels in Norway . Mostly of the transport was over to England with wood coming from Sweden.



The atmosphere of those bygone days van still be sampled at Tyholmen, an area of wooden buildings that is reckoned to be among the most picturesque and best preserved of its kind in Norway. The old Town Hall is the second largest wooden building in Norway.

Part of Tyholmen is “Pollen” , which has its own atmosphere and thriving boating life in the summer.

Nowadays there are basically 3 islands Tromøy , Hisøy and Merdø out in the fjord. Tromøy is the largest island along the South Coast and lies outside Arendal. The skerries, with water polished rocks and sheltered creeks, can be explored either by road, ferry or your own boat.

The wooded island has great boulder-stewn beaches on the ocean and sheltered inlets facing the mainland. The island is covered with both holiday houses and permanent homes.

great boulder

Hisøy has old wooden houses and new housing estates only a short distance from downtown Arendal. From the village of Kolbjønsvik the passenger ferry ”Kolbjørn” makes scheduled runs between “Vika” and Tyholmen in centre town.


The river Nidelva is a very popular for boat tourism, it also separate Hisøy from the mainland. Late in the summer Salmon and sea trout migrate up the waterway to spawn.


MerdøMerdø is the smallest of the three islands, you need a boat to come here. The island has been inhabited since the sixteenth century , and several generation of pilots have lived on Merdø since the 1720`s with myths spun around their ability and courage. The island is very fertile and contains many rare plants that are said to have come to the island among the ballast from the sailing vessels.


Merdergård Museum is an old captain`s house that has been home to many wealthy sailing ship families.


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