Norwegian RockmasterNorwegian Rock Masters is a climbing competition. Previous competitions received a very positive response, both from the climbers and the visitors that came to watch.
Norwegian RockmasterThe last competition was an international championship. The event focuses on climbing, fun and meeting new people. The entire event takes place in beautiful scenery near the city of Bergen in west of Norway.


The philosophy of the competition is not to make money, but rather to give climbers and visitors an experience that they will never will forget, along with a good social gathering with a dinner included in the activities. 

Map of Event in Bergen

History of BERGEN


Sailing Vessel

Bergen is "The Gateway to the Fjords of Norway" and a well-established cruise port. Bergen is an international city packed with history and tradition, a big city with small-town charm and atmosphere. Bergen likes visitors. And Bergen is worth a visit. Welcome!


Bergen is great to explore on foot. Strolling around old streets and alleyways where people have lived for centuries is like a fairy-tale. You will see small wooden houses, cobbled streets with stone steps in the steepest parts and flowers everywhere. Stop off at the Fish Market to mingle with the crowds. Visit the Bergen Aquarium and see the fish, penguins and seals in their natural element, as well as crocodiles, snakes and spiders.

Stroll along the listed wooden buildings at Bryggen to the old fortress at Bergenhus, or call in at one of Bergen's many museums and galleries. And it's not far from the city centre to Mt. Fløyen, Mt. Ulriken or another of the seven mountains that form the backdrop to the city. The panoramic views of the city, the fjord and the ocean are breathtaking.


Bergen - the Gateway to the Fjords of Norway

Bergen is surrounded by one of the world's most spectacular tourist attractions - The Norwegian Fjords, which have now been included on UNESCO's World Heritage List. Bergen is situated between the longest fjord Sognefjord north of Bergen and the beautiful Hardangerfjord in the south.

great boulder

The word "fjord" is used many places in the world, but where do you find the fjords which really impress and delight visitors?

In Norway we have the Oslofjord, the Trondheimsfjord, the Byfjord in Stavanger, and the Byfjord in Bergen. However, it is in the districts of Western Norway you find the fjords which attract so many tourists.
The fjords in Norway have been voted the world's most unspoiled tourist destination by National Geographic. Bergen is a great starting point if you wish to explore the fjords. There are many organised sightseeing and fjord tours of varying lengths that you are guaranteed to find memorable. Tickets can be purchased at the Tourist Information in Bergen.
Fjord Tours available from Bergen and the region.

These fjords are deep and narrow, surrounded by high, steep mountains with snow-covered tops and both small and huge waterfalls.
Here and there you see small farms, some by the fjords and some even high up in the mountains, evidence of people having lived and survived here for centuries. The genuine fjords do indeed fascinate the cruise passangers.
The longest fjords are the Sognefjord and the Hardangerfjord. The narrowest fjords are the Geirangerfjord and the Nærøyfjord (featured on the World Heritage List). In the innermost part of the Nærøyfjord you find the small village Gudvangen.


Bergen - World Heritage City

Bergen has given a warm welcome to its visitors for more than 900 years. Bryggen has become a symbol of our cultural heritage and has gained a place on UNESCO's World Heritage List. The old Hanseatic wharf is architecturally unique and is perhaps one of the most familiar image in all of Norway.

BergenEver since the intrepid King Olav Kyrre sailed into the harbour and founded the city in 1070, Bergen has attracted people from all quarters of the world. Some came and went, others decided to make Bergen their home. Bergensers travelled abroad and learned and so Bergen became a melting-pot of cultures and Norway's most international city.
Bergen grew up around its colourful harbour - it was the hub of commerce, seafaring and crafts-manship. We became the north's   largest city, Norway's first capital city and the seat of royalty. So important was Bergen by the 13th century that the Hansas - the German medieval guild of merchants - opened one of their four European offices on the wharf called Bryggen.
Some of the Hansas chose to become Bergensers. And so have many others throughout the centuries. But Bryggen stays the same, its contour just as it was in the 11th century, untouched by shifting times. It has become a symbol of our cultural heritage and has gained a place on UNESCO's World Heritage List. Bergen has become a World Heritage City.  
Bergensers are proud of their city and of their city's traditions. They look after their past because it is a part of their living present. A city with its feet in the sea, its head in the skies and its heart in the right place - full of infectious enthusiasm, and happy to share it with visitors. Welcome to Bergen, the old city with a young outlook.