Norwegian Rock Master is a climbing competition arranged by Grimstad and Arendal Climbing Club (GAKK). The competition is held at Skarvann Aktivitetspark, Risør. This is the third time the competition will take place but this time in the harbour of Arendal. The first and the second competition received a very positive response, both from the climbers and the visitors that came to watch. We hope that this years event will be at least as successful!

The last competition was a international competition and there were 10 countries participating; this years event is expanding to feature the best climbers in Europe. The climbers compete for a top prize of 10 000 NOK (approx 1200 EURO). The event lasts for two days, and focusses on on climbing, fun and meeting new people. The entire event took place in Risør in southern Norway.

The Competition: 17-19 august 2012

This year it will be a DWS (DEEP WATER SOLOING) WITH A LOT OF ROUTES IT WILL ALSO BE AN OPEN COMPETITION. The competition is suported by IFSC .

Climbing Wall

Friday 17 august
15:00Top rope climbing for every one
17:00 Speed claimbing for every one over 16 on DWS wall
19:00 Prizes sermoni
21:00 Climbers arrive

Saturday 18 august
12:00 Opening sermoni
12:30 Start qualifying
15:00 Top rope climbing and other activites in town
19:00 Star final
21:00 Prizes seremoni
01:00 Finish

Sunday 19 august
11:00 Climbing on natural rock in Ravnedalen
Climbing guide for RAVNEDALEN here:

Prize money

Senior men Senior women Junior boys(16 -19) Junior girls(16-19)
1st place 2000 euro
2nd place 1500 euro
3rd place 1000 euro
1st place 2000 euro
2nd place 1500 euro
3rd place 1000 euro
1st place Equipment
2nd place Equipment
3rd place Equipment
1st placeEquipment
2nd place Equipment
3rd place Equipment

Juniors may only participate with parental consent. Please click here to download the authorization form. You must bring the completed form to the competition.


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