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Norwegian Rock Masters was arranged for the first time in 2008 with participants from all of Scandinavia, and the second with participants from throughout Europe. The arrangement was well-received by both the crowd and the climbers, and we have been asked to try and repeat this success. The N0rwegian Rock Master have taken up this challange and this year we are inviting the best climbers in the world to an even bigger competition, and suported by IFSC ( INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF SPORT CLIMBING)


Climbing in Scandinavia is currently enjoying a large growth of interest and more and more people are taking up the sport. We have registered a substantial increase in interest and the number of members in our club. Activity both indoors and out, is also on the increase. In Europe, particularly in France and Spain, climbing can almost be regarded as the national sport.
This will be the largest climbing competition that has ever been arranged in Norway and Northern Europe. We are in need of support from local clubs, sponsors, and local businesses to make this day a success. We wish to make attendance free such that as many people as possible come and experience this arrangement, which will be in practice an informal world championship. The climbers have been invited to Sørlandet, we have sent out carefully worded invites to a select group of climbers who we hope will get most out of a visit and a competition in Norway. The name "ROCK MASTER" is now in use for our event. We are dependent on support from businesses and the more local groups we have discussed here to cover our costs and make this event work.

The Competition: 16-19 august 2012

This year it will be a DWS (DEEP WATER SOLOING) WITH A LOT OF ROUTES IT WILL ALSO BE AN OPEN COMPETITION. The competition is also suportwd by IFSC .

The money we manage to gather will help cover accommodation, transport and prize money for the climbers, in addition to other costs that arises from arranging a large competition. The arrangers are not paid for their efforts and planning and completion of this concept is being carried out by volunteers from the local climbing community.

Ordinary sponsors will get:

The main sponsors will get their banners placed centrally on the wall. The size and location of the logo will also be more central on posters, web pages, etc. It will also be possible for sponsors to have their own stand for sale of products/business in the harbour during the competition.

Climbing Wall

Sponsor money can be paid in to:

Norwegian Rock Master
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DNBNOR: 7307 70 05541
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Click here to inquire about sponsoring the event or Call +47 901 32 682